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2-in-1 Drainpump

2-in-1 Drainpump


This smart two-in-one drainage pump is designed specifically for pools as it has a removable base that can stand on a pool cover, but can also be used as a submersible pump. The multifunctional 200W drainage pump is almost indispensable when you have a pool. It has a capacity of 4,500 L/h and can reach a depth of 4.5 m, so you can be sure that it can effectively drain the pool of water.

This two-in-one drainage pump is highly effective because with the help of a built-in sensor, you can set the pump to first get started when the water level is at least 10 mm (can also be set to higher). This feature is particularly useful for draining the pool cover of rainwater, which can happen multiple times during a pool season. In addition, this tool is extremely useful in case of flooding in the basement, where the pump acts as a submersible pump. The drainage pump comes with a convenient 10 m cable.

· Item number: 1924
· Practical lifting bracket
· 10 metre cable
· Max. Capacity: 4500 L/h
· Max. Depth: 4.5 metres
· Power: 200W