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Heat Pump Inverter 16kW, Wi-Fi

This 16kW heat pump is a top model with a compressor from the well-known Japanese supplier, Mitsubishi . This heat pump is in a metal enclosure and gives up to 16 times return on energy consumption (COP) thanks to Japanese inverter technology. <br><br>Next to solar energy, which is a free but also unreliable heat source, a pool heat pump is the most eco-friendly and cheapest form of heating for swimming pools.The heat pump can work down to -12 °C and the maximum pool volume is 90 m3. The power consumption is 2.67-0.23 kW and the COP value is 16-6
Compressor Brand Mitsubishi
Compressor Type Inverter
Max Pool Volume, l 90000.0
Capacity, kW 16.0
COP Value 16.0
WiFi Connection Yes
Hose Connection, mm 32; 38; 50
Min operating temperature, °C -12
Color Black


Next to solar energy, which is a free but also unreliable heat source, a pool heat pump is the most eco-friendly and cheapest form of heating for swimming pools. However, a heat pump has one major advantage over solar energy: You can count on the water to get hot during the periods you want – and to maintain a constant temperature that you set yourself.

This heat pump is a top model with a compressor from the well-known Japanese supplier, Mitsubishi . This heat pump is in a metal enclosure and gives up to 16 times return on energy consumption (COP) thanks to Japanese inverter technology.

Includes winter cover and WiFi control via free smartphone app.


Wi-Fi technology – heat the pool whenever it suits you!
With a heat pump, you can extend the swimming season. This innovative Wi-Fi technology allows you to heat your pool when you are not home – you just have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. This way you can heat the pool when you are at work. Then you and your family can jump directly into a heated swimming pool when you get home after a busy day. That makes it incredibly flexible and gives you much more time to just enjoy the pool without having to wait for the water to reach the desired temperature.

This smart Wi-Fi function is also very useful if, for example, you have a swimming pool in your summer house. Then you can turn on your heat pump from home and your family can get straight into the lovely warm water when you arrive!   


Heat Booster Inverter Pro heats up pool water with maximum energy efficiency through the dynamic inverter compressor, which provides 16 times more energy than it consumes. Instead of stopping the operation once the desired temperature has been reached, the dynamic Mitsubishi  compressor continuously regulates the working frequency, so that the energy loss associated with stopping and starting is eliminated. In this way the most optimal and energy-efficient operation is achieved.


The heat pump can only be used outdoors. The heat pump has easy-to-use digital control and automatic defrosting and cooling functions. With internal PCB and easy handling of water connection with screw-in fittings.


The heat exchanger is of PVC and titanium tubes that can withstand sustained exposure to swimming pool water – with both chlorine and saltwater, and is fitted with a GMCC/Mitsubishi  compressor. Power supply 220-240V/1 PH/50 Hz. 1 fan. R32. Certificates: CB, CE, EMC, RoHS.


7-year warranty on the compressor. 2-year total warranty. If your compressor breaks or if you have any questions about it, you can contact Swim & Fun Scandinavia directly and get help from our service technician.

General features of heat pumps
After start-up, you only pay for 20% or less of energy consumption.
A heat pump is green energy because it ‘pulls’ energy out of the air and transfers it to the pool water. The amount of energy required to run the heat pump is minimal compared to how much it returns in the form of heat. A traditional heat pump typically provides between 4 and 7 kW returns for every 1 kW you pay for. An Inverter Pro heat pump, depending on the model and environmental impact, can reach up to 13.6 kW for each paid 1 kW.


You get an extra long bathing season
At the same time, a heat pump lengthens the bathing season by several months. As soon as the average air temperature reaches the heat pump’s lowest working temperature (depending on the model), the pool can be opened for the season. With a traditional heat pump, in practice, it means that in Denmark you can already get started with the pool season in mid-May and prolong it until mid-October.

Choosing a heat pump with higher capacity, such as an Inverter Pro, which is designed to work in below-zero temperatures, you can have an even longer season.


The advantage of Inverter technology
A traditional heat pump stops running when the desired temperature has been reached and starts again when the temperature drops 1-2 degrees. An inverter heat pump, on the other hand, has a dynamic compressor which continuously regulates the temperature.
This means that the energy loss through start/stop is eliminated. Depending on the model and environmental impact, our Inverter heat pump provides up to 13.6 times more energy than it consumes (COP = 13.6), whereas a regular heat pump typically returns 5 times more energy (COP = 5).


Heat pumps from Swim & Fun are characterised by good quality, attractive prices and a high level of customer care after they are purchased

Swim & Fun Inverter pool heat pumps are delivered in accordance with a high level of brand quality. We never compromise on the quality of our heat pumps, which is why we only work with carefully selected and technologically leading specialist manufacturers. 

In a heat pump, the compressor is the “heart,” and it's also the most expensive component of the heat pump. Swim & Fun Inverter heat pumps are supplied with a high quality Japanese compressor from Mitsubishi. That's why we offer a full 7-year compressor warranty.

Our ambition is to always offer a pool owner the same quality and product safety as found in traditional specialist shops, although at a reduced price. 

This is why Swim & Fun chooses to combine the advantage of purchasing a large volume of heat pumps with selected distribution via leading on-line retailers and chain stores. This type of retailer is characterised by efficient logistics and low retailer margins. 

All dealer obligations relating to warranty/complaint claims can be handled directly via Swim & Fun. Our Nordic customer service team are product experts and can often resolve cases over the phone. This means you do not have to contact the dealer where you bought the heat pump.

Our Nordic customer service department has Danish, Swedish and English speaking staff and are located at a Danish physical office in Roskilde. Our service centre is also located on site here and this is where your heat pump will be checked in the unlikely event a defect occurs. 


Technical specifications
Item number; 1403
Maximum pool volume m3; 90
Recommended pool volume m3; 25-85
Compressor type; Inverter
Power supply V/Ph/Hz; 220~240V/1 Ph/50 Hz
Nominal current A; 11.8
Nominal fuse A; 18
Recommended water flow in operation; 4,600 litres/hour
Max. water pressure drop kPa; 15
Heat exchanger; Twist-Titanium tubes in PVC
Water connection inlet/outlet mm; 32/38/50
Fan type/number; Horizontal
Fan speed RPM; 550-850
Fan power input W; 5-75
Noise at a distance of 1 metre dB(A); 40-50
Refrigerant type; R32 (gas)
Refrigerant, grams; 800
CO2 equivalent tons; 0.54
Protection; IPx4


At air 28°C/Water 28°C/Humidity 80%*
Capacity kW; 16-3.8
Power consumption kW; 2.67-0.23
COP; 16-6


At air 15°C/water 26°C/humidity 70%*
Capacity kW; 11.2-3
Power consumption kW; 2.43-0.42
COP; 7.2-4.6

*Maximum pool volume when fully insulated with cover, sheltered from the wind and located in full sun.

The above data may be changed without notice.


Dimensions and weight
Net dimensions L/W/H mm: 1045x410x695
Gross dimensions L/W/H mm: 1140x430x835
Net/gross weight kg; 98/113



How to find the right heat pump
It is necessary to understand that the heat capacity and the performance of the pump depend on the climate you live in. Areas with cold climates have a shorter swimming pool season. Therefore, hot pool water in the north requires heat pumps with higher capacity than in medium to warmer climates. 

The illustration is an approximate estimate of the climate differences, and thus an indication of what type of heat pump you should consider buying to get the right performance.