Our complete water care line follows a unique care concept in which products are divided into five care steps. The concept ensures that products are always used in the correct sequence which always results in clean and clear water. The system is colour coded to make it simple to understand and use. This saves time and minimizes the risk of making mistakes.

Step 1: Water balance – pH adjustment
Step 2: Disinfection A: Shock B: Maintenance
Step 3: Clear pool
Step 4: Flocculation
Step 5: Cleaning

See more under the individual products and in our comprehensive guide to paddling pools, larger pools and swimming pools.

STEP 1 - Test and adjust pool water pH value

Measuring and adjusting the water pH balance is always the first step.

The water pH value shows whether the water is acidic (soft) or basic (hard), which is essential knowledge for the pool keeper. Unadjusted pH value is particularly important for the result of water care. The first and most important step is therefore to always measure and adjust the pH level. This is easy to do with Swim & Fun test strips.


Ideal pH value: 7.0 – 7.4

Inside the ideal value range, the water is neutral, providing the optimal effect of chlorine addition. At the same time, user comfort is optimal when bathing in balanced water, as skin and mucous membrane irritation is avoided.


pH value too high

Use pH Minus to adjust if you have hard water. This is relevant in Denmark, for example, but in other countries too! Excessive pH makes the water cloudy or milky and reduces the effect of chlorine. Red, irritated eyes after bathing is most often due to too low a pH value.


pH value too low

Too low a pH value acidifies the water and also makes it act aggressively with any metal components in the pool. In case of too low pH value, add pH Plus. In Denmark, for example, the natural demand for pH Plus is not as high as in some of the neighbouring countries, except after periods with substantial rainfall or if the family fills the pool with collected rainwater.

STEP 2:  Disinfection

The water must be clean and clear to make the pool a safe and healthy place to relax. Particles of dirt, spores, and bacteria are continuously added to the water from the surroundings, and bacteria can quickly multiply in water above 20 degrees C. This is avoided with disinfecting water care products.

The disinfectants used are so-called oxidants, which includes products based on chlorine and active oxygen (chlorine-free method), respectively. What they have in common is that they have to be added to the pool water on an ongoing basis.

The amount of disinfectant required varies, depending on water pH value, temperature and purity. Larger doses are required for water at an incorrect pH level, warm water and pools exposed to strong sunshine. The same applies the more the pool is used and where there are more contaminants such as leaves, grass, sunscreen, cosmetics, and hair in the pool.


STEP 3: Clear pool

Spores from microorganisms are transported on the air, and it is unavoidable that they will enter the pool water. The surrounding environment – high temperatures, lots of rain and extensive pool activity also affects the development of deposits in the pool.

KlarPool prevents microbial growth and thereby deposits on the pool walls and bottom.

Preventive weekly dose: 0.5 dl. KlarPool per 10,000 litres of water.

When the damage is done
If there are deposits on the pool bottom and sides, the water must first be disinfected with a shock treatment with Klor Starter (1701) or OxyChock (1784), respectively, before KlarPool is used.


STEP 4: Flocculation

After a longer period of high temperatures, the water may appear unclear. Very small particles of dirt fall into the water and seem virtually impossible to remove with, e.g., a pool cleaner. In such a case, it may be necessary to add a flocking agent which connects the small particles into larger units that can be better collected by the pool filter system or a pool cleaner. In pools without a filter system with sand or filter glass, impurities will instead fall to the bottom.


Paper filter

The pump must be turned off while the flocking agent is distributed widely around the pool. After 1-2 days, the floating particles will have settled on the bottom. Now clean the pool floor and restart the filtration pump. Clean/replace the filter.


Filter system with sand or filter glass

To be added at the pool skimmer with the pump running. After 2-3 days, backwash the filter. Repeat the treatment if needed.


Filter system with FilterBalls

Swim & Fun FilterBalls already clear the water of such small particles that there is nothing to be gained by adding flocking agents to the water. You should avoid doing this.

Flocking Sticks

Placed in the skimmer or the pump pre-filter. It will now automatically dose the flocking agent over the coming days with the system activated. Only used in filter systems with sand or filter glass.


STEP 5: Cleaning and maintenance of larger pool and swimming pool

Chemical water care is not enough to keep the water fresh and inviting. You also have to filter the water efficiently through a pump system and you have to remove debris on the bottom and impurities in the water.

Large debris, such as leaves and grass or the like, should be removed from the water surface with a leaf net every day. The pool bottom should be regularly vacuumed - manually or by a pool robot. When the pool is not in use, it should be covered with a thermal cover (summer cover which keeps the water clean and the temperature up and minimises water evaporation) or a winter cover that ”lock” the pool with a wire lock to avoid the risk of unwanted access in your absence.

Swim & Fun offers a range of practical products, including pool cleaners, telescopic poles, special surface and bottom nets, etc. Using this equipment reduces the need for chemical water care and also reduces wear on the pool filtration pump.


Starter packs and all-in-one products

The main focus at Swim & Fun is that it must be easy and simple to keep the pool water clean and clear. To this end, we have developed a range of starter packs and all-in-one water care products that make the process as easy as possible for you, the pool owner.

Our all-in-one product range consists of products both with and without chlorine. Such as our kKiddyPool chlorine-free water care product for paddling pools. Our popular and very safe EasyPool dispensers with cast-in care products, allowing you to avoid any contact with the water care products. Our practical 200 MultiKlor tablets for larger pools. The ultimate, unique CombiTabs effervescent tablet for the maintenance of chlorine-free pool water. And last, but not least, our MultiMate 250 g all-in-one chlorine tablet for large pools in excess of 20,000 litres.

The range also includes various starter packs containing all the water care products that you will need as a new pool or hot tub owner.

Common to them all is that they are combined for efficient disinfection and keeping the pool water clean and clear.


Spa water care packs

Our Spa Starter Kit contains everything you need for efficient disinfection and maintenance of clean and clear water in spas and hot tubs.

Enjoy the water!